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Do you need a semester abroad for your education? It is a great opportunity to have an unforgettable and educational experience that you will never forget.  Expatriates can both be wonderfully rewarding compared to professional inputs, while being equally educated about other cultures. When you have to spend a whole year and a half in a foreign country, you not only learn a lot about the new culture, but also about yourself and how you react and act in different situations.

Many students come home with an experience of a lifetime

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And with memories that they will never forget. But there is also the cost of taking a semester abroad. You may have to give up your student job which complements the SU at home. Above is the air ticket, insurance, purchase of books, etc. which one has to think about. If you are going to spend a semester abroad, you can often apply for various scholarships and funds to get some help with the financial, but there is no guarantee that you will get them.


Expenses for residence abroad

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Do you have some expenses for a stay abroad, which must be paid here and now, but which you have not been saved for? With a Glenderosas mini-loan, you can step in and fulfill an urgent financial need. Then you have to repay the loan within the agreed loan period.

Glenderosas’s mini-loan can help provide some freedom and respite in the economy when it is a little squeezed. It can be a good ‘buffer’ for emergency or unforeseen expenses. Are you also standing and missing a little extra right now that you know you can repay? you can now Loan up to DKK 20,000 right here and get the money paid out immediately and then within minutes you will see the money in your account.


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