On 1898 Josep Viadiu i Farell opened a grocer´s in Barcelona. He sold all kind of food as well as honey retail , which had been cultivated by himself in his home town, Mura, in the central mountain range of Catalonia.

Because of honey was really welcomed, he decided to consecrated and began to jarred it in his own shop and sold it to other grocerīs of the city. It was a success,and on 1908 he set up a little craft honey industry and looked for representatives who deal the product for all over Spain. Afterwards his son, Jaume Viadiu substitute him. Everything's easy but the Civil Spanish War (1936-1940) transform the country in a misery an desolated zone, disapered everything what had been constructed by Josep Viadiu, the shop, the industry and finally the honey. After to live a hard period as a prisoner in a concentration camp, Jaume Viadiu continued on the honey production and opened again the shop situated in Comtal street in Barcelona. On 1950 dead Josep Viadiu. His daugther, Montserrat Viadiu continued with the honey, royal jelly production using his grandfather's method. Today the company is managed by August Viadiu, the fourth family generation. Only distributes his products to the best shops of Spain and U.E, and is one of the most prestige trademark for the "honey gourmets" and lovers of apicultural products.

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