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Mobility is also needed in education, but the financial means to buy a vehicle are very limited or non-existent. However, it often happens that the answer to the question “Am I getting a car loan during my training” is negative. Those who have the prospect of a takeover after training can often increase the chances of approving the loan application. The framework for a loan in education.

Can I get a car loan during my apprenticeship?

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Can I get a car loan during my apprenticeship? For some trainees who often travel to their own car for vocational training and education after they have obtained their driving license. However, most banks only grant small loans or no loans to trainees, as their salaries make repayment difficult. So how do you co-finance a vehicle during training?

Of course, it is possible to search for credit institutions that already offer the trainees certain loan amounts. Such loans can often be lent out to slightly lesser-known but nevertheless reputable credit institutions. In any case, apprentices who want a car loan should come to compromises. For example, the loan amount often has to be repaid within the training period because the employment contract and thus the coverage is limited to this period.

However, it often happens that answering the question “Will I get a car loan during my training” is denied. For example, if the guardians guarantee the loan, the prospects for the intern are better. If all efforts to get a classic car loan fail, there are other options.

These loans are also available to trainees and are an appropriate option, especially because of the low monthly rates and the conditions agreed with young people. This allows the trainees to buy the first small new vehicle and to pay it off gradually during the training.

Pay cheaply with a training loan now.

Pay cheaply with a training loan now.

Of course, you also want to do something good during the training and, for example, exchange your old mobile phone for a new one.

For this purpose it is easily possible to get a training loan. In the comparison calculation, the individual offers in a single hit list are now displayed in a graded manner according to the annual fee percentage, ie the loan costs. All offers can be requested via the hit lists. Due to the mere comparison of offers, rating agencies only have so-called “request conditions”, which are almost irrelevant for the valuation.

Only when applying for a loan, ie submitting the documents by letter, the “request conditions” become a so-called “request amount”, which determines the score. It does not matter whether it is a loan, a training loan or another loan for trainees or a loan for trainees. Second

The credit rating is collected by different credit bureaus and gives credit institutions and others an assessment of whether a borrower can settle a loan as contracted, ie pay.

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