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The German favorite child is in many cases made possible by a loan. Regardless of whether new or used cars, the car loan is often claimed. The trader himself usually offers his own financing, but this is not always the best option. If you do a little research, you will usually find cheaper options. The Internet can not only simplify this research but above all make it much faster possible.

Benefit from our comparison

Benefit from our comparison

If you find your own lender in advance, you can appear as a cash payer at the car dealer and get rich discounts. Who pays cash can get between 10 and 20 percent discount granted by the dealer. The bank receives the car letter as security for the car loan. The car loan is one of the cheaper loans for the bank because of this security. For the comparison, we only need the desired loan amount and the term in which the loan is to be paid.

The car loan calculator offers within a few seconds an overview of all offers that match your request. The calculator works with the representative interest rate to be able to specify realistic costs. This interest rate is to prevent the banks from advertising with unrealistic lock offers.

If you can find a good deal directly compared to a comparable one, you can request the documents from the bank. These must be printed out and filled out. In addition to the documents, a proof of income is required. At the post office the identity is requested by PostIdent procedure. It is not worthwhile to lie in advance with information. Proof of income is compulsory and important for banks to determine creditworthiness. In addition, the banks are asking their values ​​from the credit bureaus. Anyone who has a negative opinion of credit bureau will not get a car loan due to this scoring.

Car Loan – Examination and Payment

Car Loan - Examination and Payment

The banks check your documents promptly and if everything has been submitted in full, the decision is usually within 2 weeks. If the loan is specifically requested as a car loan, the bank transfers directly to the car dealer and receives the vehicle registration document. Alternatively, the sum can of course also be requested on your own checking account.

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